Decided to switch a decade’s old photo into a new frame to commemorate college move-in. I guess Mom wanted to wish me good luck (at Harvard University)

As I finish packing my last bags for tomorrow’s departure, I can’t help but reflect on the roller coaster the past several years have been. Through all of it, though, has been my dad. I could not have asked for a better role model in my life. No matter what the circumstances, I’ve always been able to count on him and have come to recognize that everything he has done has been in my best interest. While I may never live in the same house as him again, I will always carry his sense of humility, appreciation, and humor wherever I go. Here’s to the next chapter. I love you, Dad.

Shameless selfie because I was super happy with my haircut today

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Over the course of the past several months I’ve had the opportunity to chat with students from around the world, all of whom I’ll be attending school with next fall. This is thanks only to the power of technology and social media. From these conversations I’ve gleaned an idea of what to expect come August; the general attitudes of acceptance, openness, and flat out intelligence are prominent in each and every student, admittedly a change from the environment I grew up in.

I was raised on the vast prairies of North Dakota by a single father, a man who’s work schedule was dependent on weather conditions and moisture levels of soil. This May I will be part of a graduating class of 24; these 24 students have defined the main thirteen years of my life (as a majority started attending in kindergarten). My hometown boasts a population of 1,276, a single square-mile of land, and the only stoplight-controlled intersection in the entire 1,122 square mile (2,906 square kilometers) county. My move to Boston will be one of the biggest changes I’ve experienced, and I couldn’t be more excited.

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Starting a new project tonight focused on writing